Taste the world taste how

when drama is Korean enter a means of China development so far, Korean culture has penetrated almost, we will find that Korean, Korean delicacy, Korean clothing and so on are more and more appear in the Chinese market. In particular, the South Korean barbecue in our streets everywhere. The Korean restaurant in China is also very market, especially young people are particularly fond of food.

"the origin of flavor ClickTracks in Korea, in nineteenth Century the famous entrepreneur, Mr. Jin Zhengxu founded the Kim family head:" taste ClickTracks secret grilled wings "to fresh meat, baked in the famous incense drift ten, specially produced by Jiajiang smokeless barbecue equipment and promotion of local environmental protection departments, after numerous. Efforts will" taste world "brand development into the catering industry well-known brands.

now taste the world has been in the mainland market for nearly 10 years of history, has been committed to the development of manufacturing and sales as one of the large brands. Adhere to the quality of Korean culture, improve technology, develop the market, innovative services, not only in China, but also in the world.

taste of the world taste like?

taste system the world products is very characteristic, unique flavor dishes, a roasted after odd fragrant, tender and sweet, soft and delicious, refreshing taste, refreshing and soothing, eat. Especially the kind of indescribable smell was unable to hide greeds, lead a person to endless aftertastes. Unique natural flavors make diners a praise, linger. Therefore, the taste of the world in the minds of consumers left a deep impression. The popularity of the consumer also makes the customer turnover rate is extremely high.

taste of the world for the franchisee has a unique advantage: a good brand image and reputation, over the years of management experience, delicious products emerge in an endless stream, flexible operation, convenient logistics, etc.. With the characteristics of smokeless diet, making the cost of further downgrade,

allows you to easily make money!