Ouyang Shulun should go or fly

for college students, how to correctly grasp the entrepreneurial mentality is very important. Lack of experience so that a lot of students will create a business as a means of getting rich quickly, the dream of a night burst red, which is wrong.

entrepreneurs to "learn" and "learn more"

"Wuhan college student entrepreneurs, is now the most happy." Ouyang Shulun came to power on the "full gas field". That the audience is college students, Ouyang Shulun and said, now is a more conducive to the era of entrepreneurship, campus entrepreneurship training, government support and incubation, give students entrepreneurs provide conditions richly endowed by nature.

"from the outside to part-time internship, I 4 years of university life almost half the time in the business." Ouyang Shulun suggested the presence of college students, as well as professional courses at the same time, to participate in social activities, a freshman campus part-time internship experience, second and third is to companies interested in.

or "fly"