Past and future spicy pot

speaking of spicy hot pot must be everyone’s favorite, but to say that the development of the story behind this delicious delicacy hidden do you know? Eat a party to understand the origins of food party, will add flavor to your story

spicy hot pot originated in Jinyun Mountain of Chongqing Tujia flavor. It is said that is often practices of the local people, the local people usually put a love with all kinds of spice with fried eintopf to eat. When there is an important guest, will usually eat in addition of meat, seafood, eintopf crisp sausage, bamboo shoots, dried bean and other ingredients. Spicy hot pot made out of absorbing all the meat, seafood and vegetable flavor, add the pepper flavor, mixed together, the achievements of the "pot of incense".

spicy hot pot before and in the future

compared with other industries, the catering industry profits and consumer market is always a huge spicy pot to join the project will have a huge market, then choose spicy hot pot franchise is undoubtedly the best venture investors. Because of this, many investors are optimistic about the spicy hot pot to join this industry, because of technical formula, has so far failed to open a shop. Today, we have the mature spicy hot pot for a long time to join the technology at the lowest price to teach you, zero risk, high return, which opened that money!

spicy hot pot are listed so far, white-collar and blue collar and the surrounding residents vigorously pursued, and franchise outlets business is hot, some spicy hot pot franchise is created the recovery of investment myth, fully verify the spicy pot Market prospects. Spicy hot pot franchise headquarters with strict work style, strict management, and respected and widely recognized investors, industry colleagues and management department. Taste the spicy hot pot, let you really enjoy the delicious spicy hot pot is joining the spicy pot, let you really stand up to do "the rich"!

domestic data show that China’s food and beverage industry has been booming development, the Chinese market is the only 15 consecutive annual growth rate of two digit industry.

spicy hot pot spicy, its obvious characteristics, unique taste and other popular restaurant incomparable. Spicy hot pot unique consumer groups, consumer awareness, not sharing and other tourist restaurant. Spicy hot pot secret recipe, other people are not easy to follow the trend of market competition, big and small. Choose spicy hot pot franchise without looking for chefs, without building complicated kitchen, simple operation, small investment, quick returns.

some people will ask a lot of food items, why do I choose to join the spicy hot pot? Is a spicy hot pot is definitely the most popular delicacy. Two is the spicy hot pot has its own unique taste and not lose health formula. What business must look at the market, twenty-first Century popular more than anything, and popularity depends on the characteristics and quality, whether it is to join the spicy pot of customer word-of-mouth is everyone’s income certificate >