85 after the beauty of college students walking in the forefront of new media

Li Kejia and Yan Enhui

entrepreneurship network 85 after the founder of Wuxi’s core information technology, from the beginning of the processing for the enterprise website to today’s new media front companies, from the daring vanguard start on the road to the company on track, they walked all the way, always adhere to the ideal at the same time also gradually assume a the social responsibility of the enterprise.

start entrepreneurship is a brain fever

Lee and Yan Enhui with the 2008 graduates of Jiangnan University, is also the founder of Wuxi’s core information technology. Talking about entrepreneurial ideas, Yan Enhui smiled and told reporters, entrepreneurship is a hot thing! At that time, just think of the Internet, but how to do is not very clear!" But we can not say we are not a little, when I was in college and all the students cadres, student cadre experience gives us many different ideas." Yan Enhui served as president of the Jiangnan University Institute of science and technology in a post, "although the association was founded in the teachers under the leadership of the organization, but the ultimate goal of students or students, even simply repair the computer!" Such a clear audience awareness, extended to the field of entrepreneurship, Yan Enhui admits, is to stand in the customer’s position to consider the issue."

Wuxi core information technology, founded in August 8, 2008, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic games. To start, the company is only responsible for helping customers do, "at that time, they understand the technology, what financial personnel ah ah, do not know too much, also be Industrial and Commercial Bureau punished fines!" Yan Enhui said, in the first two years, earned much less pay, "pay only a pair of pants are somehow by some friends patronize through!"


website is only processing, such companies in the technology park is more strong, so the company must transition! Through continuous exploration and learning, Yan Enhui and Li Wei finally identified the company’s development goals – through the new media technology, to provide customers with brand operation and promotion on the internet!"

target to walk in the forefront of new media field

talk about the company’s main business now, many people do not quite understand, in the end is what? Li Kejia said, "now the virtual society represented by the Internet and social reality is the mutual penetration, more and more enterprises consider to break new ground in the field of Internet, our company to do business is to guide these enterprises!" "The wizard" is not malicious speculation, "and establish a good image of the brand, and strive to develop orderly circulating on the Internet, is the right path!"

For example,

Li Kejia, "a few days ago, our company is responsible for a real estate company to do network wizard, they want to own enterprise publications on flat computer. The magazine from the paper carrier converted to digital carrier." The Li Kejia Yan Enhui team conducted a thorough investigation — from the real estate company’s competitors to audiences of many aspects of no one let go, "finally, we submitted a detailed plan, and specific production is outsourced to other companies!" >