How to become a millionaire


is a living female college students’ entrepreneurial road, a lot of people generally believe that women are vulnerable groups of modern, specific to how to create a cause of their own, it is really too difficult, but here there is a living example of the pendulum in front of everyone, I hope everyone to learn the essence.

"Li Wen, born in 1983, studied at the University of Jiangxi University of finance professional." Li Wen’s opening remarks, like a college student interview self introduction. He love reading, traveling, making friends, but for the mathematics curriculum in the university is hated, direct consequence is to get the diploma. In this regard, Li Wen never care.

"because of love, so choose." Li Wen answer the reason for their own business. Thousands of pieces of money can do what, after graduation Li Wen went to Shanghai to work for more than a year in Shanghai, he saw someone wearing a "three English war Lv Bu" line drawing T-shirt, feel very interesting, want to buy can not buy, think this is a business. Later on the clothing online direct sales PPG advertising to the inspiration of Li Wen venture, he felt, if you do a customized and personalized personality T-shirt sales of personalized website, should be very promising."

6000 dollars

helpless in reality the dream "as the dream into reality, you will find out the dream reflected the reality is so fleeting and helpless." After exposure to a number of potential investors, Li Wen confidence began to collapse. Not only investors would not invest to this "young and ignorant" and "after 80", and no assets, the unsecured bank loans to customers, the door is closed.