Tea shop investment costs

a lot of entrepreneurs in the choice to open a tea shop will have a psychological journey: I was to open a tea shop? Or join a tea brand? In order to help you solve this problem, the following will introduce the details of how to open the tea shop is the cost of the problem.

to open a tea shop in the general pre total investment of more than forty thousand yuan (including rent decoration equipment and tools for raw materials) in accordance with the size of the shop, shop lot, operating products vary. Like the opening of the brand milk tea shop, then, with the removal of the pre rent and renovation costs, with a total investment of around 2.5W. If it is their own shop, then the province joined the fee, but there is no relevant services, such as milk tea production training, renovation programs, raw materials channels, etc..

milk tea shop investment is still relatively high, including tables and chairs, refrigerator, bar, sealing machine, air conditioning, tableware and other equipment, plus rent and so on before the investment of about 20 square meters of stores to $about 100000. The next small series to give you the overall analysis of the cost of milk tea shop items.

. Powder: Price: 13.8 yuan / packet (1kg/ packet) 18 yuan package *13.8=248.40

grapes, durian, lychee, mint, watermelon, strawberry, peach, orange, passionfruit, taro, green apple, melon, pineapple, papaya, banana, chocolate, peanut, lover of Brazil


cream: 24 package price: 12 yuan / packet (1kg/ packet) 24 packets of *12 yuan =288 yuan

three. Milk tea powder: 6 bags, unit price: $13.8 / bag (1kg/ bag) 6 pack *13.8=82.8 yuan

four. Juice: Price: 16.5 yuan / bottle 9*16.50=148.50 yuan

Pineapple Juice, Cantaloupe Juice, lemon juice, juice, plum juice, Brazil’s litchi juice, black currant, peach juice, Watermelon Juice powder

five, tea: 500 g / bag a total of 57 yuan

Mai Xiang black tea (9.5 yuan / pack) *3 package =28.50 yuan, coffee tea ($9.5 / pack) *3 package =28.50 yuan

six. Black Pearl: (1 cases /12 package) unit price: $68 (1.5kg/ bag) 2 boxes *68=136 yuan

: seven. (coconut every taste every 1 cans) price: 25 yuan 6*25=150 yuan

(3.4kg/ pot)