Open a special operating profit analysis of roasted wing shop

look at the food and beverage market, and now more and more varieties of snacks is more abundant, which brings a wide range of consumers to enjoy the delicious taste, but also for more entrepreneurial investors to provide a chance to get rich. In the current rise of a variety of snack items, the opening of a feature grilled wings shop? The lucrative business with a small capital. Let’s see look special grilled wings shop operating profit analysis:

    open special grilled wings shop to make money tips: to have unique features and

    small red roasted wings, although the opening time is not long, there are only four kinds of flavors, but attracted a large number of white-collar workers. The boss told reporters, here the grilled wings of subcutaneous fat release and can keep fresh chicken flavor, attracted a lot of fitness coaches and models come to.

    air wings opened in April this year, soon opened a branch. The types of grilled chicken wings grilled wings far more than the general store, a spicy, spicy bombshell, abnormal, wine, garlic, and other seven or eight kinds of flavor, as well as popular as closely linked as flesh and blood. The boss Zhao said that the chef was hotel chef, craft.

    reporter survey found that the two newly opened wings shop was Business Flourishes, characteristics and skills can be said to be the key.

    open special grilled wings shop can sell more than

sales: on the night

    relative to the opening of other types of restaurants, small roasted wing shop investment is small. Not only the front doors, four or five assistants, one hundred thousand yuan of investment, by many ordinary investors. Passengers do not have to worry too much, for customers, three yuan a bunch of roast chicken wings to more affordable and delicious than fast food. A series of shop owner told reporters that his shop every night queue, one night only can sell more than 1000 on chicken wings. Romantic wing boss Zhao said that when the business is good to sell 800 strings.

    variable: push new products to make up for the loss of

    as a result of rising costs, some roasted wing stores have adopted a price hike strategy. A wing shop owner told reporters that the rising price of raw materials, the wings may not be so high profits, but can get high profit from other products. The average sales of 200 to 400 bottles of beer restaurant every day, according to the calculation of 200 bottles, bottle profit of 0.8 yuan, the monthly profit is 4800 yuan. Plus the mutton string and cold, even if the removal of more than 100 thousand yuan a year rent, remove 5 attendants, 2 chefs about 100000 yuan.