Baoji City, organized by the city’s Entrepreneurial nnovation Exhibition

small and micro enterprises are known as the largest army of entrepreneurial groups, to promote the development of entrepreneurship. Baoji held the exhibition of achievements in Entrepreneurship and innovation, product innovation and entrepreneurship each other, essence witnesshuman innovation place of Baoji city.

11 13 July, Baoji city administrative center fervor square crowded, bustling city’s entrepreneurial innovation exhibition organized by the Federation of trade unions held here, a large number of new products with high technology content of UAV, electric wheelchair, automatic washing machine, let visitors address him enjoyable. City leaders Chen Guangming, Ma Yun, and, attended the launching ceremony, and visit the new achievements of the exhibition.

to participate in this exhibition of achievements of a total of 47, including our employees through painstaking research and development, production of high-tech products, also after union training and support to grow up some Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial projects. Through the display, can affect more enterprises to participate in scientific and technological innovation, to create greater value. At the same time, also let other entrepreneurs know, entrepreneurial innovation and not difficult to imagine, achieved through effort, the successful experience and replicate these Small and micro businesses, encourage entrepreneurship, innovation.

Exhibition for the disabled entrepreneur June is the result of the invention of electric wheelchair. This wheelchair not only in situ can be rotated 360 degrees, also can pass through the narrow toilet door, very convenient to use the disabled friends. He told reporters that he was started in 2013, specializing in the design of products for disabled friends, because the development of the product is in line with the needs of the disabled, so the results achieved. He hopes to have more entrepreneurs to participate in the development of science and technology products, for the whole society to contribute more scientific and technological strength. At the launching ceremony of the exhibition, the City Federation of trade unions were awarded 18, respectively, the results of the award of one or two, three.

it is reported that two days of the fourth quarter of 2015, large-scale job fairs on the same day began, 300 enterprises with more than 7000 jobs. Two days, a total of 3107 people to obtain employment intentions. The recruitment will also be the first to set up a recruitment area for children with disabilities, specifically for the disabled and their children to provide nearly 200 jobs.

through the exhibition of the exchange, the majority of entrepreneurs to enhance confidence, more familiar with the market. The successful experience of the enterprise for the majority of entrepreneurs who want to start, especially the disabled entrepreneurs to open a new door.

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