2016 times Cup and the disabled photography exhibition launched

The development of

economy, rising living standards, our society for disabled people also give more care, actively organized related activities, so that they can enjoy the talent show in front of the public! The specific circumstances of the 2016 "hee Cup" and the disabled photography exhibition started, we will look together.


2016 hee Cup" and the disabled photography exhibition in Xiamen library building started, 100 pieces of works are the creators of hearing impairment, limb disorders and the disabled, they show love, the pursuit of art and talent with his wonderful photography. The exhibition will continue until June 9th, tomorrow, the public friend can go to the city library free.

this event by the Fujian Provincial Federation of disabled people in Fujian Province, Xiamen City Photographers Association Co sponsored by the Federation of the disabled, started since March this year, received a total of 410 works, including the disabled Fujian and Taiwan ", Taiwan area 73 works. The final 100 shortlisted works exhibition, and from the selected 1 first prize, two prize 6, third-prize 10, yesterday issued a certificate. The city’s 3 award-winning photography disabled.

for the disabled to give more care, for them to host some meaningful activities, is conducive to their physical and mental health, but also conducive to tap their excellent potential, meaning is very great!

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