Psychological preparation before starting a business

chose in the business market "alone", so start preparatory work must be done in place, especially entrepreneurial psychological preparation before work must be done in place, the need for further understanding of how to put.

employed in the company of others, salary will be a guarantee; and in the individual enterprises, even if you have already started to make money, not sure what time can have income. You need to work on financial capital and have to deposit in case the account is overdue.

employed, you can use the stationery without restraint, because you do not need to consider the source of the problem; and in the individual enterprise, you will know how to save money, pay attention to save money, carefully using a variety of equipment, in case of failure. Once a fault occurs, you must be patient and wait for the repairman to repair it. Then you will understand "do not see us alone" the truth, because you are spending their own money.

(2) status. At the time of employment, if you have a company car, people always think of you as more important than a person who owns a private car, which has little to do with personal business.