The owner to the consumer to make recommendations need to be sincere

a lot of customers in the shopping time, because of the uncertain, often need to make recommendations. As a shopkeeper, when making recommendations, merchants should be sincere, kind attitude, through words and smiles to convey the sincere intention of consumers.

Small businesses

Ying in this respect do better, she thought into the store shopping consumers will have a sense of urgency to the unfamiliar environment, wanted to buy cigarettes may be because of the impact of environmental change into the store, so the consumers into the store shopping, small Ying wont disturb them, let them have a short time familiar with.

only when they appear hesitant, when small Ying was at a loss, gentle voice asked: "Hello, do you want to buy what brand of cigarettes?" Hello, there are several low tar cigarettes you can try!" "The dragon," (Xuan Yun) "after the upgrade of the taste better, the store only two boxes, next week to arrive, or else you see other" Zhenlong "cigarettes or leave the phone, I contact you again after the arrival!"


small Ying sincere, work steadfast, new and old customers to her shop, she will always be the first to send a warm smile, the old customer first say hello hello, for the first time into the store to buy tobacco consumers will keep smiling, waiting for an opportunity to give appropriate advice, discourse although not much, but revealed her kindness and sincerity.

is now the owner of a lot of advice in the time when they are always standing on their own point of view, so that the recommendations of how to get consumer recognition? While the small Ying can obtain such a success, it is because she is standing in the position of consumers to make a suggestion, so that a more reasonable, easy to accept the customer, retain customers, facilitate transactions.