Small Yang Shengjian foreign investment to join you

we all know whenever a successful catering company group has a worth studying business philosophy, regardless of the size of the business, regardless of market wide business, as long as you adhere to the faith, you are more likely to be successful. Yang Shengjian’s dream is to let Yang Shengjian become a: let our parents, wife, husband, children, relatives and friends feel the glory for the brand in the catering industry, Chinese respected team, the small Yang Shengjian arrives in Japan and Hongkong, Southeast Asia, the United States and europe…… Let the Chinese where there is little Yang Shengjian, create a set of family, family, education, training, glory in one of the school fried. Yang Shengjian has a small he has not to adhere to the belief that we have innate values and corporate culture: kindness, humility, simplicity, honesty, gratitude; brand positioning Yang Shengjian is to become the Chinese fast food and public characteristics; product positioning is always for the characteristics of Chinese fried snack.

small Yang Shengjian foreign investment to join it?

little Yang Shengjian not to join? Yang Shengjian joined the foreign, in December 7, 2012 officially out of Shanghai, in Taicang Wanda in Shanghai belongs to the outside of the restaurant, is of extraordinary significance for Yang Shengjian, because this is the first step in the small Yang Shengjian dream. Little Yang Shengjian has been founded 19 years of history, for the national investment.

little Yang Shengjian how to join? Small Yang Shengjian joined the process description:

1, by the franchisee to the company to apply, fill in the "chain application form".

2, the franchisee to the company to provide the corresponding qualification certificate: the identity of the franchisee, the operating site of the real estate license or rental contract, etc..

3, the company to join the "franchise application form" after the trial, the organization of the relevant personnel for field trips.

4, in line with the requirements of the company, the two sides signed a franchise contract.

if you want to join this breakfast investment project, please leave a message at the bottom of our website, there will be a special staff to contact you later.