Xining Federation of trade unions skills training to promote the fast lane

Since the

Xining City Federation of trade unions to formulate and implement the "Five Year Plan" of Xining city staff quality engineering, in order to improve the ideological and moral qualities and scientific and cultural qualities and technical skills as the focus, to establish and improve the skills training, technical competition, technological innovation, technological achievements exhibition and promotion as the main content of the system to enhance the skills of workers. To promote the quality of workers and staff members of engineering to institutionalization and normalization, effectively promote the development of enterprises on the fast track.

it is understood that the city union full union "University", the integration and utilization of existing resources and training base, different objects, to distinguish between different levels, a reasonable set of professional courses, according to the actual needs of workers, and the market demand, to vigorously organize special training, brand training, orientation training. To establish a socialized training base of highly skilled talents. Take the government to promote enterprise support, community wide participation in the way, build a batch of professional high skilled personnel training base, build a multi-functional, multi type, high level of high skilled personnel training platform, give support in terms of policy and capital.

for non-public enterprises and the new generation of migrant workers as the main body of the majority of workers, the overall quality is not high, total quantity, structure and quality of skilled workers constitute an unreasonable situation, restricting the development of enterprises, trade unions actively carry, to improve the quality of workers and staff members as a starting point to change the service mode of economic development, to undertake training high skilled workers talent team construction tasks. City workers union to carry out occupation skill competition in various forms, set up a series of high technological content, strong comprehensive and project work, attracted a large number of enterprises involved, has aroused widespread concern in the community. (author: Xu Shunkai Song Fang)