Many initiatives to promote the province’s lightning protection and disaster reduction system reform

this year, our province according to the State Council and Chinese Meteorological Bureau requirements on lightning protection and disaster reduction system reform to tackle tough, take various measures of lightning protection and disaster reduction system reform has made remarkable achievements, enhance the service level of lightning protection and disaster reduction.

it is understood that the Provincial Meteorological Bureau and the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction jointly issued a notice to implement the optimization of construction project of lightning protection licensing decision, the State Council decided since the date of issuance of the housing construction and municipal infrastructure engineering lightning protection device design review, completion and acceptance of the whole license transferred to the Ministry of construction, the mine safety supervision responsibility. Held the province’s Meteorological Department of lightning protection and disaster reduction system reform policy training courses and seminars for municipalities (state), county meteorological bureau and management backbone of lightning protection reform training, major tasks and measures focused on the lightning protection reform. The lightning protection service administrative approval intermediary to conduct a comprehensive clean-up standards, lightning protection administrative approval into the administrative service center of the local government centralized management, completed the provincial and municipal (state), the county three lightning licensing matters list of powers and responsibilities, and formally announced on a local government website. The random lightning protection management content, methods, main tasks and work requirements, to carry out joint enforcement and local safety supervision departments, supervise flammable and explosive and other key lightning protection units and places the implementation of lightning protection measures for safe production, maintenance of mine safety production order in accordance with the law.