Fitness, so that better life for the disabled – the second week of the disabled fitness activities

8, 8 pm, East District of the second "disabled fitness week" activities held in the international village fitness center. CDPF to seize the annual August 8th "National Fitness Day" opportunity "around the habit of doing physical exercise, enjoy a healthy life" theme, to organize various forms of disabled sports fitness activities, so that the disabled into the national fitness craze in. In today’s "National Fitness Day". Open the international village free fitness center for the disabled, more than and 20 people participated in tennis and other fitness activities, fitness week more than fitness, it will also record for disabled persons to participate in social footprint, although this road is very long, although this is just a small step, but this is a good start. The main task is to plan "activities in accordance with the requirements of the" National Fitness Program "and" sports work "for the disabled in 12th Five-Year" implementation, combined with special health needs and the actual development of disabled sports work, according to the characteristics of different kinds of disabled people, innovative forms, rich content, scientific, fitness and interest outstanding activities, arouse the disabled fitness enthusiasm, make the disabled fitness into the disabled in daily life. At the same time, extensive mobilization of social forces to support the disabled sports, and strive to create a good environment for the disabled to participate in physical fitness.