Xining taxi industry reform please comment

The taxi is part of the city comprehensive transportation system, but the taxi in solving travel at the same time, there are some problems in this regard, the Ministry of transport on the drafting of the formation of the healthy development of the taxi industry draft. October 20th, the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau held a forum to invite representatives of the city’s industry on the actual draft for their own suggestions and opinions.

it is reported that, according to the decision of the deployment of comprehensive deepening of reform of the State Council, the Ministry of transport in conjunction with the relevant departments to deepen the reform of the taxi industry conducted in-depth investigation and research, listen to opinions, repeatedly discuss changes, the drafting of the formation of "guiding opinions on deepening reform and further promote the healthy development of the taxi (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance"). At the forum, representatives from the city on behalf of taxi dealers, taxi drivers, representatives of the public, industry representatives, respectively, around the six aspects of their views and suggestions. Taxi drivers on behalf of the deployment of the taxi and the network to make an appointment for a taxi life has been questioned, the City Transportation Bureau staff explained it, taxi drivers on behalf of recognition. City traffic security branch on behalf of the guidance of the drug is not sure to drive their own views, that should be included in this one, the article has also been unanimously endorsed by the delegates.