The source of the Yellow River Lake Lake show

4 month 15 days, the reporter went to interview from afar Maduo station, at an altitude of 4326 meters Lingqiao Daye horse, blue sky, white clouds, snow capped mountains, lakes and grassland in the source of the Yellow River "1000 lake all blend into one harmonious whole, shocking beauty".

is known as "1000 lake county" Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Madoi county is located in Sanjiang National Natural Protection Zone source heartland, the Chinese nation is the mother river – the birthplace of the Yellow River, is an important ecological barrier in Tibetan plateau. The source of the Sanjiang National Park in the Yellow River park is located in Maduo County in the source, the park area to the total area of Maduo County 78.01%. In recent years, Maduo County Government conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping on the protection of the ecological environment and a series of important expositions, has always been the source of the Yellow River ecological and environmental protection in a prominent position, increasing the ecological environment protection and construction, lakes number increased from 4077 to 5050, the largest sister Lake – water area Zhaling lake and Eling Lake increased 192 square kilometers; the wetland area of 4276 square kilometers from 2005 up to now 6111 square kilometers, accounting for more than 20% of the total area of the county.

protect every piece of wetland at the source of the Yellow River, every spring, every stream, every piece of the lake…… For the smooth implementation of ecological civilization construction in Qinghai, to build a strong national ecological security barrier is of great significance.


don’t you see the Yellow River from heaven, pour into the sea no longer has. Known as "the birthplace of the Yellow River Maduo" – Madoi County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the mother river flowing quietly, and the magnificent Ngoring jointly gave it a fairyland of all reiki. The source of marching toward the Yellow River, explore the vast grasslands, springhead, Kiang run; contiguous wetlands, and the birds fly, sometimes swimming. This is the reporter shot several shots in April 15th.