Small coupons can be called promotional tool

to do promotional work, many people will give some promotional products, however, whether the gift of promotional products by customers, whether for promotion to play a role, but became managers very troubled events. In fact, the annual sales of gold, I have taken to send gifts promotional activities. But I found that this is a failure of promotional activities. The reason, the original I offer the gift can be seen everywhere in life, the price is very transparent, there is no attraction for customers, they will not because these useless gifts loyal to the store.

in the design and planning due to free gifts too, the final result sent gratis "situation. Lately, I’ve decided to change the way I do. After careful consideration, I do a hotel business with a friend to a win-win cooperation activities. Where the full 500 yuan in my shop offering a twenty percent off discount coupons, shopping full 1000 yuan forty percent off customers gift coupon…… Get the coupons as long as the customer can enjoy discount coupons at a friend’s house, also do not have a reservation in advance.

we all know, fast to new year’s day, and no friends and family to eat dinner. They are very satisfied with this gift, some customers in order to get more coupons, in my shop to a "one-stop shopping", and ready to get my gift coupons given to friends.

promotional gifts should not be given from the point of view of their own interests, but should be from the perspective of demand. Therefore, gifts must be associated with the actual needs of customers, the only way to make a positive impact on sales of gifts.