The city district level leading cadres Wulian five package to serve the people

In order to give full play to the leading cadres at county level in the course of education activities in the demonstration effect, efforts to solve the vital interests of the masses are strongly, Chengzhong District in the course of education activities, focus on the masses hope, sorrow, hard, ANN, creatively proposes county Party members and leading cadres "Wulian five" activities that is, a county Party cadres linked to a party, a legislator, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, a retired veteran cadres, a grassroots, a street, a club, a village, a school, a non-public economic organizations or social organizations. This is the starting point, the county leading cadres in-depth workshop line, the fields around the house, the real and the masses twinning, friends, relatives, listen to the voice of the people, feel the sufferings of the people, sincere people grief, close ties between the party and the masses, a strong impetus to the City District Party’s mass line educational practice carry out.

and difficult groups knot pair, know the masses of food and clothing. leading cadres at county level with poor households, low income households, five households, widows and families of disabled persons and other disadvantaged groups of twinning, take regular home visits or telephone communication and other forms, to understand the difficulties of life being, visit the poor and the suffering, and help them find the root source, ideas, seeking assistance, seeking a way out, as they can to do practical things, solve practical problems. Party secretary Su Leihong learned Lantau Peak Gongbei drinking water, take on-site office, invested nearly 1 million yuan to solve the tap water, and built 1 public toilet; sent condolences to Kim District People’s Congress Chairman Mao Xuhong as general village, the old man always Zhai Zhen alliance points and commitment, winter heating problem solving the old District Government District Xin feldspar; discussion with 71 Road West Community deputies, representatives of local residents, and families claim micro aspiration 2; district propaganda department minister Zhang Haixia for two left-behind children donor grants, coordinate and solve the golden cross community sportsfacilities problems; district Standing Committee and vice mayor Liu Xi for Mo Jia Gou villagers travel difficult problem, coordination of funds 90 thousand on the road out of the village yuan were hardened; the District Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Wei Xining lead, coordinate and solve the masses city hospital waste treatment Does not meet the norms of the problem; Ma Chaoying, chairman of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, the multi coordination, to solve the problem of the southern mountain folk museum of green.

and grassroots cadres into relatives, looking for the development of golden ideas . makes full use of the village (community) cadres, cadres to leave, two representatives of a committee of the rural community, a better understanding, has the rich work experience, familiar with the line of the masses of public opinion advantage, through long-term exchanges, mutual respect and mutual assistance, we become "one family", be worthy of the name "relatives". Through in-depth exchange of visits, sincerely ask to promote the development of grass-roots organizations of science "golden ideas", sincerely listen to opinions and suggestions on educational practice, understand the hot issues urgent, encourage active play heat, for the whole;