work hard to promote investment and financing two-way interaction

4 19 am, the provincial finance office held an investment fund and equity financing of the company will promote the province’s. This is the first time in our province to hold the investment fund and equity financing to promote the enterprise will be aimed at actively docking various types of investment funds, build interactive platform for the investment and financing of the two sides to lay a good foundation for in-depth cooperation. The meeting will be held, the better use of equity financing companies in our province, the capital market financing, play a positive demonstration effect and promote the role of.

at present, our province is in a critical period of power conversion, power savings, in high technology, new energy, agricultural and sideline products processing machinery and equipment and other fields, the emergence of a large number of have the competitive advantage and continuous development of high-quality enterprises. In the context of social financing and bank lending continued to shrink within the context of these companies need to expand the financing channels.

, as the most effective and direct platform for market allocation of resources, the capital market has the unique advantages of services and support for the development of enterprises and mining space. Provincial government attaches great importance to the construction of multi-level capital market, by strengthening the top-level planning and design, innovation and financial linkage, implementation of the listed companies, listing and financing intermediary costs subsidies and other initiatives to enhance financial services leveraging the capital market capacity. As of 2015 12 at the end of the month, provincial key enterprises direct financing 48 billion 632 million yuan, an increase of 52.36%; to claims based financing in the interbank market rapid development, the total financing of nearly 26 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 53%; the listed company and the listed companies in three new board and regional equity market volume reached 265, including 5 listed companies through mergers and acquisitions and equity financing of 13 billion 664 million yuan, set aside a lot of credit to support our province areas of weakness and development of people’s livelihood.