Let people feel more secure and more comfortable

By   February 10th to 11, the provincial political and legal work conference held in Xining. The meeting stressed the need to conscientiously implement the provincial Party work conference and the central twelve plenary meeting of the five session of the scientific spirit, study situation, grasp the key task, to create a strong team, strengthen leadership, and constantly improve the level of law enforcement, to ensure social harmony and peace, to adhere to the correct direction of deepening reform, and strive to create "three area" the construction of a well-off society in an all-round way, to provide strong protection.Luo Huining, Secretary of the provincial Party committee attended and delivered an important speech, Wang Jianjun, attended by the presence of the president of the people’s Republic of China (

). During the meeting, the participants had a lively discussion, agreed that we should conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the meeting, fulfill their duties, solid work, and strive to put forward the tasks of the meeting.

Luo Huining pointed out in his speech, the judicial organs at all levels should take seriously to maintain social stability, promote social fairness and justice, safeguard the people’s live and work in peace   three major tasks, handle the relationship between maintaining stability and rights, vitality and order, democracy and dictatorship, maintain a sustained overall social stability; to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people the political and legal work as the fundamental starting point and end point, so that the people truly feel on the side of justice; the people’s aspirations and demands for peace oriented, in order to enhance the people’s sense of security and satisfaction as the goal, to allow people to live a more peaceful and harmonious life.

Luo Huining pointed out that, starting from the maintenance of national security and peace in the overall situation, actively carry out the struggle against separatism to stability throughout the entire process of work and external stability; actively and effectively resolve the contradictions among the people, explore the effective way of Fengqiao Experience "of the Qinghai trail, the legitimate interests and aspirations of the masses to solve. To solve the conflicts and disputes in the bud at the grassroots level, and strive to promote the new achievements of social stability.

Luo Huining pointed out that, starting from the strategy of governing the province and long period of stability in accordance with the law, strict impartiality civilized law enforcement, to ensure the operation of power system, expand the enforcement of open justice, never allow the masses of the police, will not allow the ordinary people can not afford to fight a lawsuit, and never allow the abuse of power will not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of the masses. Allow law enforcement offense resulting in miscarriages of justice, made new efforts to promote improve the enforcement of judicial credibility.

Luo Huining pointed out, should be safe to secure the demand from the masses of the people for starting, to lay a solid foundation, and constantly improve the level of grassroots social governance; to ensure safety, firmly grasp the opinions of the masses, a high degree of social concern, in a timely manner to carry out special projects, and actively promote the innovation of social governance, resolutely remediation order people most good care, let people at home more comfortable, more assured, more comfortable travel life, efforts to promote new breakthroughs in social governance.

Luo Huining pointed out to the fundamental ideals and faith, in order to improve the quality and ability as the core, to cultivate fine style of security, always adhere to the political construction of the police, determined to make the police strictly higher standards of preferential treatment from the police, with police training, and strive to build a firm belief,;