Zaduo Nangqian Kuang Chung in the post earthquake recovery project will emphasize the scientific co-

12 6, the provincial government held a special meeting, informed the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and county Zaduo Nangqian County earthquake recovery and disaster relief work, vice governor Chung Kuang work arrangements for the next step in post disaster recovery.

Kuang Yong pointed out that in a month’s time, the earthquake has Zaduo Nangqian and two, the magnitude is high, widely spread, although few casualties, but the affected population is more, people built housing damage is heavy, some schools, hospitals, religious places and public facilities damaged to varying degrees and bring great economic losses to the local people. After the two earthquake, the party committees and governments at all levels in Yushu, the provincial authorities to carry out the first time emergency relief, emergency transfer and disaster investigation and other work, the early stage of the earthquake work to achieve a phased effect. At present, the people in the quake zone are stable and have good social order.

Kuang Chung, Yushu province at all levels of government, relevant departments should be people-oriented, people’s livelihood, proper arrangements for the affected area during the winter and spring to ensure the production and living of the masses of the people in the affected areas as soon as possible to restore the normal order of production and life safety, warm winter. To further strengthen the guidance of the post earthquake recovery work, increase funding for all aspects of funding and related policies. The provincial development and Reform Commission should be based on the actual disaster area, study and formulate the Yushu Zaduo guidance for disaster recovery work; Yushu state government must consider, scientific planning, good preparation, Zaduo Nangqian earthquake disaster recovery planning, disaster recovery work earnestly.