Zou Jiansheng, deputy secretary of the municipal leadership to the work of our Bureau supervision

Zou Jiansheng (left two) Municipal Standing Committee of the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Minister Du Shupin (left) to listen to my bureau on the

11 12 afternoon, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee, a deputy head of the city leading group Zou Jiansheng, municipal committee, Municipal Publicity Department, city, civilization, city committee director, deputy head of a city leading group Du Shupin, to create a national civilized city inspection progress in the Deputy Secretary General of the Municipal Office, municipal Party committee in the generation of Long Hui Xuan Chuan vice minister An Jianzhong accompanied by the municipal law enforcement bureau. City leaders listened to the work of the city and the existence of the report, the city management system to create a national civilized city work put forward specific requirements.

Deputy Secretary Zou pointed out in his speech, I started the first half of the work to a city, the city party committees, the government paid sufficient attention to the broad participation of the masses, the theme of diversity, public awareness, participation rate, stage performance more prominent, the work also has a lot of innovation, bright, popular education and inspiration. Urban management department attention, thinking and understanding in place, in a city wide publicity leadership work, pay attention to the management and team building, carry out standardization, fine management, implementation of the law, after hearing the report was encouraging. He will be on how to better urban management work with the city, from three aspects of the proposed requirements.

one, to create an opportunity for the city to strengthen the effectiveness of urban construction, improve the level of urban management. Zou Deputy Secretary pointed out that urban management is a direct manifestation of the city image, is the embodiment of urban competitiveness, is an important part of the city’s strength, especially the city’s soft power. In recent years, the city around the "three more" goal, infrastructure construction has achieved great development, the city has undergone great changes, the mechanism of city management system also explored the development, change the past "small city" image, moving to the big city management comprehensive management, from the stage of transition to normal management, this is the system of management major, forward-looking change, the level of city management is on a higher level, the ability of city management has made new achievements. He stressed that urban management is the process of continuous development, progress, innovation, facing development opportunities, but also faces challenges. Urban management endless, there is no best, only better. To focus on the city, around the economic development services need to innovate, so that urban management work into the city. one is to optimize the quality of public service . Urban management is for people;