Xining Beishan beautiful garden permanent green management approach will be implemented in March 1st

February 13th, the reporter learned from relevant departments of Xining City, in order to comprehensively promote the airport expressway (Xining section) along the green landscape construction, effective protection of the ecological environment along the region, to ensure that the area of the green city public green permanent property, Xining will take the airport expressway (Xining section) along the Xining into a beautiful park, and the introduction of "the measures for the administration of the beautiful garden in Xining Beishan permanent green" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), the "measures" will come into force on March 1st.

Said the airport expressway

"measures" (Xining section) along the area refers to the East Gate Xiaoxia Ning Hu Ning expressway, West Qi City Interchange, South Ning expressway, Xiping expressway, mutual Road, Bayi Road, unity bridge is bounded, North and connected Beishan green area area.

"measures" a total of 17, illustrates the green management of the Beishan park beautiful domain, and the provisions in the permanent completion of the green can improve the ecosystem, beautify the environment, leisure sightseeing, cultural and fitness function of the theme park, the beautiful park property in Xining Beishan permanent green land, any units and individuals shall not engage in has nothing to do with the landscape development, construction, management, production, leasing and other activities, where construction of city public infrastructure, by the Xining municipal administrative department of planning and landscaping administrative departments organize relevant units after the demonstration, submitted to the Xining municipal government executive meeting examined and approved.

at the same time, the "measures" also set the corresponding legal liability, damage to the green landscape, to set up shall be ordered to stop the infringement, restitution measures, and increase the penalties for violations of the law.