Winds frequently hit Xining weather officials said the reason for the next few days continued to win

in a short period of strong cooling weather, recently, Xining temperature not only continued to rise, strong winds have come. Is it normal? January 29th, the reporter interviewed the staff of the provincial meteorological bureau.

29 PM, with a gust of wind blowing, the provincial capital of the streets of gray, a lot of people in the force to seize the hat was blown off the wind at the same time, from time to time to close their eyes to avoid dust. "These days the wind blew into the strange, who do not feel cold. Did spring come early?" "Yes, just like the spring breeze!" In the face of the roar of the wind, the public debate. A sudden gale, also has a certain impact to the public life: the day at noon, a gust of wind swept the international village urban oasis area of a building on the linoleum scraping fly, resulting in three or four different car parked downstairs damaged.

Provincial Meteorological Bureau weather department staff said that the recent provincial temperature showed a continuous increase trend, the highest temperature of 29 to 8 degrees Celsius, but from the spring standards is still a certain gap, because the spring is the standard for 10 consecutive days, the daily maximum temperature reached 10 degrees Celsius above. In addition, the lake area of 29, 6 to 7 level wind gust 8, although it is windy weather, but due to the high temperature, resulting in the spring to the illusion to the individual members of the public. Weather forecasters predicted that the impact of the national air flow, the next few days, the provincial capital will continue to wind weather.