The province’s first the separation of management and public kindergarten in the Lake District Park

after nearly two years of scientific planning, construction and fine decoration, in August 24th, is located in the Lake District of the Pavilion Road West District, the first kindergarten officially opened, especially the kindergarten is open before the registration admission of the children had been full.

It is reported that

, the kindergarten is by the west district government invested 45 million yuan to build the province’s first implementation of "separation of management" of the public kindergarten, the kindergarten covers an area of 10 mu, building area of 4500 square meters, equipped with large, medium and mistress age class, a total of 9 classes, can accommodate more than 360 children. The kindergarten is the high-end, high-quality, inclusive, with the brand advantage, professional advantage, service advantage, operational advantages, opening after the implementation of the summer operation mode, in order to solve the cold during the summer vacation, the parents can not take care of the child’s problem. The birth of the kindergarten, is the west district to take a bold attempt to handle separation "mode of Cooperative Office Park, is an innovative solution to the area’s" kindergarten crunch, the park more difficult social problems, it is a new exploration of Western preschool education brand Office Park Road, to the fastest speed to domestic preschool education advanced school of thought, educational philosophy, school characteristics, management concept into the west, and strive to three years to five years to achieve the region’s preschool education specialization, standardization and refinement, brand development, let the kids in the west to truly enjoy the high-end, high-quality preschool education resources. (by boat)