West District of Xining to carry out the project to promote the implementation of strong activity

The West District of Xining City, and carry out the implementation of the project promoting the year "activities, promote the major infrastructure and key livelihood project implementation, the first quarter GDP 2 billion 774 million yuan, up 9.7%.

at present, the region’s annual plan to implement 73 kinds of projects, has started 34, the opening rate of return of up to 47%. Commitment to the beginning of the 19 projects for the real people have started the project of 10. A quarter of fixed asset investment growth of four, belonged to Gusinen first. Headquarters economic building into the main construction, CITIC Bank is about to open. The first city fair signed 7 old city area renovation project has started demolition, the 9 old city area has reached a preliminary intention with the signing of the enterprise. A quarter of the funds in place to achieve 240 million yuan merchants.

at the same time, limeng commercial pedestrian street lane two project, Beijing New Hualian, Qinghai Xinhua Department store, Wangfujing department store west and sunning Plaza Mall and other key commerce circulation service industry projects progressing smoothly. Jia Xiao standardized farmers market and supermarket under construction Wo Shengyuan farmers. District Finance invested 10 million yuan to support the establishment of research and development of small and micro enterprises to support the development of measures. Invite the professional design company of Beijing to develop the economic development plan. (author: Su Jianping)