Seminar on national unity and progress in Dongchuan, Xining

on the morning of August 28th, Chen Wei, vice president of the Party School of Dongchuan provincial Party committee of the Xining municipal government, gave a lecture on the topic of "national unity and social harmony and stability". Dongchuan prison party members and prison units of a total of more than and 100 people listened to the lecture.

All kinds of difficulties and challenges

Professor Chen Fujian national unity situation, faced at present, and accurately grasp the Qinghai ethnic and religious characteristics, a deep understanding of the 7 aspects of the Marx nationalism view are expounded. Based on a large number of examples of the importance of Qinghai in this multi-ethnic gathering area to improve national unity and practical significance. The significance of the security and stability of Qinghai, economic construction.

prison police have said that the lecture to everybody by the national unity education deeply, to actively do a good job, do a good job in the prison of maintaining stability, contribute to the safety and economic construction.