All state-owned enterprises to join the evening of third recruitment

July 13th, the Xining evening news will once again combined with human resources and Social Security Bureau, City Talent Exchange Center launched third job face-to-face activities, then this recruitment will be gathered in state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, institutions, some jobs pay even as high as 5000 yuan, while the Xiamen Airline Co is with two formal establishment the post into the recruitment site.

in order to show the ability of college students to the stage, many companies have joined the face to face activities to provide jobs for college students. Xiamen Airline Co also provides two services in Xining, the business department has officially prepared positions, responsible for the recruitment of Mr. Yang said, two jobs are for graduates, as long as the students’ English level more than 4, are willing to join the team can apply to Xiamen Airline Co. Qinghai Rui aluminum foil Co., Ltd. and many other state-owned enterprises will continue to join the job hunting activities to provide jobs for college students. In addition, the City Talent Exchange Center carefully prepared a number of jobs for college graduates, relates to the assistant general manager, marketing manager, executive director, occupation training, HR specialist positions, many companies out of the monthly salary of more than 2000 yuan, or even individual enterprises in order to recruit talent, out of 4000 yuan to salary of 10000 yuan.

in July 13th at the same time, job seekers face activities, will also have the Nanchuan Industrial Park Social Development Bureau, Dongchuan Industrial Park, labor and Social Affairs Bureau to join, then, there will be a number of enterprises entering the park recruitment. (author: Rong Lijun)