Huangzhong trade and ndustry Bureau to clean up the surrounding environment

is currently in the new semester of the school, the Huangzhong trade and Industry Bureau to clean up the consumer goods market, the organization of law enforcement officers on the location of the township 21 schools around the supermarket, food stores were checked.

in the campus surrounding environment special inspection operations for a week, they attracted around the campus food supermarkets, retail stores and food related certification system implementation, build into the sales ledger, detailed examination of instant noodles, beverages, biscuits and other food, expired spoiled food and thorough investigation of "three noes" of the food; thorough investigation of the stationery store, go through operator qualification, check the purchase channels, to ensure that the majority of students buy qualified stationery; thorough investigation of children’s books, audio and video products, eliminate pornography, violence, murder, feudal superstition and pseudo science publications and audio-visual products harm young people. As of now inspected supermarkets, retail stores, stationery stores, book stores 139 households, the confiscation of small expired spoiled food 26 kilograms, expired drinks 37 bottles (bag), rectification of 12 households are incomplete, not standardized ledger ticket deadline of 2 sales of expired food business investigation. (author: Xiao Gang Fan Shengzhong)