Children’s nursery school with vaccination certificate

reporter learned from the provincial CDC, in September this year, our province, the new kindergarten, the parents of the children who attend the signing up to the child, must carry "children’s vaccination certificate", given to children in nurseries or schools to check the check whether the child complete immunization program. For children who have completed the whole course of vaccination, a copy of the vaccination certificate shall be included in the student health record. This fall I children’s nursery school of vaccination certificate inspection and timely vaccination work has been carried out.

in order to further improve the school and kindergarten children’s immunity, prevent the nurseries and schools of vaccine against epidemic outbreaks of infectious diseases, ensure the normal school teaching order, recently, the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission, the provincial education department, the provincial women’s Federation and other departments attach great importance to my children into care entrance vaccination certificate inspection and timely vaccination work. Experts jointly formulate relevant implementation rules to further regulate and carry out the work. The inspection work by children in kindergartens, primary school is responsible for. In kindergartens, the school is responsible for the specific implementation of vaccination certificate work, establish and improve relevant management systems, the person responsible for the "children’s vaccination certificate" into the archives management. Children’s nursery or school must examine vaccine is a vaccine immunization program free vaccination. The uninoculated or incomplete vaccination of children, replant in accordance with the principle of national development. From kindergartens and primary school where the vaccination units responsible for the supplement and replanting work. (reporter Wang Zi)