Entrepreneurial fire rising slowly in impoverished areas of Sichuan the whole

in recent years, a lot of poor areas, after seeing the rapid development of the Internet, although the geographical location of their own advantages, but still want to start their own businesses to change the status quo of poverty. December 14th, a bid to help send the precise trademark activities to buy service projects bidding activities held in Chengdu. Through competitive consultations, the final determination by the Sichuan extraordinary intellectual property services Limited by Share Ltd to 219 registered trademarks to provide agency services. This marks the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, accurate poverty to send the trademark campaign was officially launched, a number of poor counties is expected to achieve a registered trademark zero breakthrough.

precise poverty alleviation, industry first. According to the provincial government on good precision poverty, poverty alleviation accurate, determined to win the battle of poverty alleviation deployment requirements, province Industrial and Commercial Bureau launched the "precise poverty trademark", a trademark registration requirements of enterprises, agricultural association, Agricultural College of agricultural products to farmers cooperatives or donated 88 poor counties in the province (000061. The registered trademark of shares), and increase efforts to foster and support for brands in poor areas. Up to now, has collected 219 pieces of information to be presented to the registered trademark. After determining the trademark agency, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau will be a unified registration of all gifts.

activities carried out, is expected to promote the realization of poor counties trademark zero breakthrough. The average elevation of more than 4000 meters of Ganzi County, Shiqu apply for the name of the "Kyrgyzstan cooperation" trademark, once the registration is successful, the county will end the history of no trademark. "I heard that after the event, we have to tap the county agricultural products, and ultimately determine the application for the name of " Teng Ji cooperation " dairy products brand." The first town of shrimp shrimp Town, the first Secretary of the village committee Li Wei said.

many areas although the economic conditions are relatively backward, but people’s hearts will never be dashed hope. The fire of entrepreneurship has been rising in the poor areas of Sichuan, hoping that they can achieve remarkable success, thus effectively changing the status quo of their own poverty. It is reported that the province’s industrial and commercial and market supervision departments will strengthen the trademark registration after guiding the use of registered trademark, trademark rights guidance norms, improve the use of registered trademarks, striving for trademark brand, and play the role of enriching income trademark.

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