Guangzhou customs awesome domestic automobile products to be delivered as soon as possible hot marke

car sales in the market is obvious to all, although many people believe that foreign car brands, but I do not know a lot of domestic cars, are moving toward the consumer market abroad! February 3rd year 7, the first working day after the Spring Festival, Guangzhou by customs officers Yang Ting Car Co. Ltd. in the morning came to the customs hall located in the Lianhua Mountain port of shipment, to the Guangzhou Panyu customs under the customs supervision department of the Hong Kong lotus officers handed a declaration of "big single" —38 loaded with imported gearbox container.

these 38 containers, a total of more than 5 thousand transmissions, involving multiple models of GAC Chuan Qi brand. According to the order, the gearbox assembly line arrived in Panyu long workshop in today, can not drag the entire production plan down, on-time delivery to the hot sales market." Yang Ting some worry, the first day of the festival, 38 containers, more than 5 thousand transmission, more than one model, must be within a day to get the customs enough horsepower?

in the customs hall, Yang Ting see, the lotus Port Supervision Department "ship clearance" and "single release", "tax treatment" in various positions of the customs staff has started to attack the "big one", all the officers in the busy work everything in good order and well arranged.

Guangzhou customs awesome domestic cars, hot market products deliver as soon as possible, let the car in the domestic market sales more substantial! The customs officers under the guidance of Yang Ting pipeline like to see through all the customs formalities, customs officers are still under the guidance of the tax summary and convenient mode of the two security clearance customs reform, after the first release through tax, customs clearance time was further compression. 3 at 5 o’clock pm, the import of the 38 cabinet gearbox has been successy arrived at the production line.

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