How to improve the turnover will not store location

good store location is very important, because many people can store business hot, but not all of the stores are to have a good business, visible, store location "shop too much back, no one, business is not good……" Often listen to someone like this. In fact, the lot is not good remedy.

1. the owner of the best learn more professional knowledge, improve their management level, such as the degree of familiarity with the operation of clothing. To strengthen their eloquence training, to the customer within a few minutes to get his (her) trust, as long as customers believe you, your business will be better.

have a specialized jeans back street shop, can attract many customers around half of the city to find, because it is the owner by observing customer size and recommend the most suitable for him (her) pants, when the customer to the owner of the eye of a sense of trust, will become loyal consumers.

2. identify their own consumer groups. The potential consumer groups should be college and community. So you can do some publicity and activities for the community and schools. For example, you can try to post recruitment notices at school, recruiting students to do a part-time job to promote publicity. Now the student’s spending power has improved, so, to focus on attracting students, the first to cultivate the consumer groups.

In the current operating state of the

3. when you shop near the consumer groups have a certain understanding, you can further adopt some means of marketing, let the store out of the market "behind", think of ways to attract people from the main street. If a small shop is difficult to complete, you can work together with other stores. For example, in the mall traffic place some signs attract customers, inform the shop doing promotional activities, you can also go to a DM, these leaflets are generally provided by the manufacturer, hardly spend much cost.

these conventional means, can also think of ways to use creativity to promote. For example, this contact with a similar back street clothing store on the local television stations to contact, to provide clothing for their host, but also by giving VIP cards, stability and open source. In addition, some local social activities to promote the store, such as the annual New Year’s Eve party in the vicinity of the University, they will sponsor the cost of activities or to provide clothing for the performers, etc.. These initiatives will spread out the clothing store reputation, it is worth learning from you.

4. to attract customers into the store, store display is very important. For example, in the street facing window display, sample is not much, do not mess. Lighting to take the stage effect, a few dressed in new style recommend