Business opportunities four Haishu Venture Park Heroes Collection order

business need is a chance, is a platform, in the present, Chinese entrepreneur is the opportunity, also have a good platform, very much the following is Haishu’s four largest business park Qunying collection so that people may refer to business needs!

the entrepreneurship contest, through the assessment can not only obtain business subsidies, can also be settled in Pioneer Park, won the office space. Yesterday, Haishu launched the hundred earn foreign exchange, Haishu university students entrepreneurship Park Venture collection, issued to the community to start the project solicitation order, the project can enjoy the policy through the review.

the assessment for college graduates graduation 5 years in reading or has carried out creative transformation of entrepreneurial activities, products and business model is feasible, can bring the whole team entrepreneurial innovation, private venture capital and has a certain number, or angel investment support project.



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