Open Chongqing small shops five site selection criteria

recently Chongqing noodles in the food and beverage industry’s rapid popularity, but also detonated the market opportunities, more and more people want to invest in a small Chongqing to join the brand shop. And want to open a good business restaurant, a very important factor is the location of the store. Therefore, the next summary of the location of the small shop in Chongqing several major elements, we want to help.

1. if the Chongqing side to join the brand industry in the vicinity of the station to operate, the main customer base is the passengers, including workers, students, etc.. In this section is the most suitable for the establishment of small fast food shops, and carefully deal with the pricing problem, to be divided into different objects and different, so the product is not too simple, price and variety to be more.

2. if the Chongqing side to join the brand industry shops in the company focused on the area, the main customers for the workers, the purpose of their visit is nothing more than to discuss business or chat. As a result, it is important to consider how to deal with the lunch rush customers and how to deal with the holidays and weekends.

3. if the Chongqing side to join the brand industry choose to operate in the school street catering, students are the main customers of this lot. There is no obvious difference between the peak and the light during the day, but the seasonal difference is quite large. Students use the motivation to join the snack bar, in addition to chat, entertainment, as well as students gathering or reading, etc.. Therefore, we must pay attention to the convenience of moving tables and chairs, and prepare books and magazines.

4. if the Chongqing side to join the brand in the business district to choose the business district of the snack business, this section is dating, chat, shopping, rest place, of course, is the most appropriate place to open a shop. No matter what kind of shop in this area are more suitable, but have their own characteristics.

5. if the Chongqing side to join the brand industry choose to open a snack bar in the residential area, we must clearly reflect the warmth of the warm and provide fresh and delicious dining.

want to keep their own small shops in Chongqing flocked to the customer, the choice of the appropriate location of the store is very important. Investors in open snacks to join to find the right position in front of the store, according to the local snack shop around, and many other factors to the actual comprehensive consideration and arrangements, is the successful way of location open snack bar. The above summary of the Chongqing site selection methods can be applied to the practice of practitioners.

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