2016 coup restaurant to improve the turn over rate Tips

2016 to open a restaurant franchise is a lot of entrepreneurs dream, we know that in 2016, catering industry is very promising, such as restaurants, no care over Taiwan, when a brand traffic reaches a certain size, the rate is over Taiwan the determinants of profitability.

A, powerful product, there is a certain amount of passenger flow, this is your turn Taiwan "root"

Time control

from inside the restaurant to save time, even if customers do not want to go, can the single table turn Taiwan time "snatch", to achieve the purpose of time saving over taiwan.

three, tea, water and other service skills not only increase customer stickiness, but also elegant "Nian"

A is and there is a risk of diners negotiation, but poor service, cannot but not recommended.

four, Zhuoyibandeng choose a doorway, dining facilities is to enhance the rate of over Taiwan "sentinel"

no handrails wooden seat comfort is not high, long time "back leg cramps, can certainly help over Taiwan, and double sofa if the combination recommended