200 yuan rich achievements of Sichuan Marinated Egg entrepreneurial miracle

for many small entrepreneurs, if you can find low cost venture project is good, 200 yuan can start, believe this idea will attract many novice entrepreneurs, many people are willing to try.

is such a humble mode, but let this characteristic gradually become as small as Xinjiang mutton string fame, and thousands of people across the country engaged in this industry.

1, a business with a small capital miracle: their startup costs only 200 yuan, but a lot of people a day can sell hundreds of egg, close to the tourist even sales more than 1000, each only a few cents profit, but every day can get 30 yuan to 100 yuan of income, and the risk is minimal.

2, a mobile sales miracle: Halogen egg can be seen everywhere in the country, is a common market based products, it is not uncommon, and Sichuan people’s business model stewed egg is spotted this market basis, and carries on the improvement to the mobile sales, the same as the newsboy the products to the customer, a small mouth, its sales surprisingly good results. Some fixed selling stewed egg stall is ashamed.

3, the rapid expansion of the business model of the miracle: in less than a year’s time in the country, many large and small cities have such Sichuan Halogen egg sales. They use fellow villagers model, rapid expansion. Sichuan is a large population, the country has a wide range of small jobs.

1, break the chain business model, creating a new concept of small chain. Formal chain management, there is a facade, the closing fee, teaching technology. The "Sichuan halogen eggs" is not defined by the chain model, but its effect is far beyond the many formal chain. They use carts, advertising speakers, the same Sichuan accent, the same ad, almost a low-cost chain, through the streets of Wuhan, the formation of a good advertising effect.

2, in order to move the sale of flexible marketing, the scene attracted customers recommend