Resolve conflicts can make business easier

we often see the phenomenon of the owner and the customer dispute, the owner, after all, is an ordinary person, and the customer is a very normal thing. In short, contradictions, always, no matter what. No matter who is the contradiction, is a very tangled thing. Store business process is no exception, often encounter a variety of contradictions. As a spectator may feel that this is not what, but as the authorities, can not go to the right face, looking for an effective way to trivialize, nothing.

a man to be kind

I do not agree with the statement, "no business is not evil to lasting business, integrity is necessary. Short term "may work, bluff and deceive" but "no pains, no gains" customer no next time, who can’t come to your shop again. As time goes on, you will have a hard time. If you encounter a contradiction is from your "misconduct", then I think the solution is only one, quickly apologized, Baopei loss. Maybe you didn’t make any money this time, but I think you can make connections Connections for businessmen is the benefit. A steady stream of customers, how can there be no profit statement?!

The fraud behavior of

operators is the main factor that stores and customer conflicts, "cry up wine and sell vinegar to deceive consumers, was found also refuses to admit that what you call this behavior? Character problem. The only way to solve this contradiction is to change their moral behavior, life is good and kind.


Cigarettes Smoke dead people, but the same price, because of your interests, others will be deceived, can not produce contradictions? Some even strike violently kills. Although some customers on the spot not silent, but behind it smashed shop windows, such examples are many. Therefore, as the operator in order to maintain operation, to avoid causing more conflicts and troubles, will be a sincere man, everybody.

two, everything inside looking for

when confronted with the contradiction, people are often found in what others wrong, whether he is not wrong, must first quibble. So it is easy to intensify contradictions, it is something you can laugh it off, is amplified, may have different consequences.

customer, now that you are here, come to your store and come to our supermarket. The enemy, will not go to our store to buy things. This, as operators must be clear. He doesn’t owe you money, you don’t have to look at him. Although we can not every customer smile, but we also need a peace of mind to face. Even if he is finding fault, we let him no stubble can be found, this is the operator of a wisdom. As a store, we can not indulge in all kinds of conflicts caused by the war