A pack of cigarettes also need to abide by the integrity of the business

although there are many operators are aware of the need to pay attention to the integrity of the store business, however, many small businesses, the owner is very easy to ignore. In fact, the real integrity of the business is reflected in any of a small commodity, even if it is just a pack of cigarettes, customers need to be treated with integrity, so as to really get customer recognition.

"people without a letter without legislation, no letter and fashion industry." Years of operation, I deeply appreciate the importance of good faith management. Therefore, I have put the "good faith" two words in the first place, dedicated customer service, the real customer as God, in good faith in exchange for customer sincerity.

remember not long ago, I went out for a day, my wife in the store. When I came back, my wife went to the kitchen to cook. At this time, a middle-aged man holding a bag of diamonds (to cool the cigarette) said to me: "boss, I was just here to buy you smoke, I think is not true taste." I smiled and told him: "my cigarettes are tobacco companies direct door-to-door delivery of the goods, there can be no cigarettes."

he handed me the cigarette and said, "I’m not the first person to smoke this brand of cigarettes." I took the cigarette and I saw the problem. I called my wife and asked her where she got the cigarette. His wife said: he wants to sign that cigarette cabinet is not, I looked at the counter in the box below to get him a box.

I understand it all at once. The cigarette was brought by one of my cousins, and he wanted me to sell it for him. Because when I shop, my cousin helped me a lot, I refused to face to face. I wanted to keep the cigarette and put it under the counter. Did not want to, love to sell to customers.

I put the smoke to the middle-aged male customers about the sequence of events, for he took a box of tobacco distribution of diamonds (Yan Bo Zhishuang), at the same time he returned to the 20 yuan tobacco money. Middle-aged man embarrassed to say: "I do not know, do not blame her, I can not smoke money!" I said: "I have to abide by the commitment, integrity management, you must accept this smoke money." Later, he became a regular visitor in my store. Due to the good faith management, fair trade, more and more customers in my shop, the turnover also gradually rise, more prosperous business.

now has a lot of shopkeepers are a little bit of money, there is no way to really do business integrity of the customer, but this will be very detrimental to the long-term development of the store. So, if you want to get the store to get a better development, even if it is a pack of cigarettes, we also need to treat the integrity.