Content entrepreneurship era traditional media and capital have come

every age, every year the theme of entrepreneurship is not the same, many entrepreneurs say, 2016 is a year of content. So, how to understand this problem?

said, 2016 is the content of entrepreneurship and this year, a large extent and WeChat are inextricably linked. From the first wave of the outbreak of the second wave of grassroots large rise, is now the WeChat wave of the bonus period of third.

2016 in Beijing "chain" Conference on the theme of the dialogue in the content of entrepreneurship, mountain capital founding partner Xu poetry, began to raise public co-founder Zuo Zhijian and famous people from the media content of three venture launched a fierce discussion.

The content includes the mode of production,

"content" model and capital barriers

start all the chips on the content, looks like a mold painted. How to build the story? How to move people’s potential needs? These teams have been thinking. Quickly build a specific test of the content model is the WeChat article, the test is able to quickly stick to the user.

down again with the wide point, quickly reached one million fans, the barriers appear. Subsequent people want to come in more difficult, because there are professional barriers and barriers to capital double barriers".

by personal and capital strength of the rapid establishment of the threshold values, recommended three