Be good at doing business on the customer knot – the

many customers to "knot" when shopping, if the owner is not be able to open, the transaction will tend to "yellow". As retailers, we often say: "the customer is God", but this sentence is a lot of people hanging on the mouth, become a gimmick to please customers. It’s really hard to do it.

is not a sense of this, and even if there is a sense, but also can not be implemented on the details. Customer is God, a detail can easily affect the mood of god. I have a principle, is not only to allow customers to the satisfaction of the goods, but also good at opening their shopping in the "knot", let each God happy to leave.

a couple came to our shop, a female customer pointing to a jacket asked the male customer: "do you think this dress I wear good-looking?" Male customer cold face said: "look good. You buy it, always ask me why!" The customer’s face immediately turned pale! Do not buy." I see a tense, hurriedly dozen circle field, and try to persuade the customer.

may be a female customer also do not want the atmosphere is too nervous, although the heart is not happy, but still go to the dressing room change clothes. I took advantage of this opportunity to chat with a male customer: "usually do not often go shopping with his wife, right?" The man nodded. I said: "it is usually difficult to come out, simply to coax people happy! In fact, women shopping, mostly in exchange for a relaxed and happy mood." Male customers began to complain: "who do not want to go out to be happy, but it seems to buy clothes to see endless, but also really annoying!"

I said: "the woman who is pleased to have it! You think about it, people are so careful to choose clothes, not to let you look at the beautiful, boast a few words to say to you ah!" The man smiled. After the female customer came out, his attitude changed a lot, not only for his wife’s clothes to give their own evaluation, but also personally to help his wife recommended two clothes. Finally, the female customer chose her husband to recommend clothes, happily left our store. Looking at their big show of affection, I am also very happy.

and a young man with his old father to buy things. When the son is not at home all year round, in the heart of this time must be a good performance, filial piety and filial piety of his father. He’s got an electric heater and an electric cooker, rushing to pay for it. My father was not happy, stubborn temper, put down a sentence: "you do!" The guys down and ran away.

young man was embarrassed, I do not know how to run. I asked the young man: "how old people at home heating ah, and what he used to cook ah?"

young man said: "earlier is burning, the father is the old cold legs, the waist is not good, on the Kang.