A couple of college students after 2 years working entrepreneurs earning 30 thousand boss

college graduates after graduation is not a new topic, but due to lack of experience, the success rate has been very low. A pair of college students in Changchun after graduating from the use of two years to learn the bakery business skills, and save the capital, and ultimately successful entrepreneurial bakery, monthly net income of 30 thousand yuan.

by a couple of College opened a bakery with a particularly good business, two characters every day busy from morning till night like a gyroscope. Shop every day is very prosperous, 80 couple Wang Yinbo and Li Huiyu have been busy, although they work with respect to work in the office of the students to some tired, but income far exceeds what the students, and they have the confidence to own brand of bread to expand, open a few stores!

in more than two years practice the pastry shop

3 25, in Changchun Chong’s garden and street intersection, the bakery owner of a small Wang Yinbo busy morning that a guest later, began to prepare for the afternoon passenger.

in the first shop, two people think that every day can sell 1000 yuan of money has been very satisfied, but now every day can sell 3000 yuan, to spend two baskets of egg four or five bags of flour per day, remove investment monthly net income of 30 thousand yuan.

two students present basic salary are thousands of yuan, two personal monthly income way ahead to the rest of the class.