Henan let the village stage and the city as color

living standards improve the majority of the rural areas of the people’s spiritual life has been further enriched, so that more people in the village can have a more exciting and happy life. "Big sister, come on, it’s time to dance! They have gone, we have to go with the old team PK miles." "Well, go right now. Let’s dance, let the village and the city as the color of the stage!" In Henan Province, Yexian County Xiang Tao Feng Shui Zhai village, two rural women on the same partition to the folk talk echoed in the evening in the village the night sky.

dance is here, the other end of the cultural service center, the children are playing basketball on the new basketball court; electronic reading room, the villagers are around the computer to access the knowledge of farming…… Village comprehensive cultural service center has become a good place for the villagers to fitness and entertainment, learning and communication.

peach village rich and colorful cultural life, is a microcosm of Henan to promote the construction of a comprehensive cultural service center. As a response to the central government and the Henan provincial poverty alleviation and development, an important measure to implement the "grassroots propaganda work to strengthen the year" in April this year, Henan started the construction of the Demonstration County hundred million village comprehensive cultural service center, plans to spend two years, in concentrated special difficult areas as determined by the state and county national key counties for poverty alleviation and development construction 664 village comprehensive cultural service center demonstration, to meet the needs of rural people in poor areas of the spiritual and cultural needs. At the end of October, Henan the first batch of 299 demonstration construction tasks have been completed.

The construction of comprehensive cultural village 100 million County Service Center

Henan adhere to the "rebuilding, the new supplement, the integration of rural construction, sports, science and technology and other related public cultural resources, in accordance with the construction of the national" seven "standard (i.e. a cultural square, a cultural activity room, a simple stage, a publicity column, a set of cultural equipment, a set of broadcast equipment, a set of sports facilities), let the people in poor areas to carry out recreational activities at home will be able to.

"previous literary and television programs, the government to send what we see what; now, we point what the government sent. ‘people culture supermarket’ can be really close." Wuzhi County, Longquan Street Jing Zhuang village cultural center, said the person in charge Jing dun.

Jing Dun said the people of the cultural supermarket, is rich in Henan City, the village level cultural service center of the content of the beneficial exploration of supply. Today, experience and practice in Henan in the context of promoting Jiaozuo "people culture supermarket", the "cultural package" menu, set the specific service items, the "supermarket" supply, "menu" service, "order type" distribution method, deep into the exploration of "the masses" single point "personality delivery" service mode, to provide quality products and services for the masses culture.

Henan cultural service center as a platform for the dissemination of advanced ideas. Recommended