You don’t have the same drink

drinks can also drink out new tricks. There is such a beverage brands, will be integrated into the concept of environmental protection, health, green products, tea, coffee, the snack, dessert together. To consumers is not just a drink so simple. This is " hoogool drinks" it is a brand of the company.

Wo fruit enterprises in product R & D team exquisite Guangdong fashion brand designer and strong cooperation, will lead the domestic tea and dessert culture. Companies adhering to the pragmatic, win-win spirit, adhere to the principle of customers, attaches great importance to the franchisee and agents, cherish every cause partners, common development, for the trip to the new wealth!

business philosophy:

Purity: 100% pure no burden, simple lifestyle

delicious: 100% to meet the taste of consumers enjoy

health: 100% health oriented, healthy life.

environmental protection: 100% environmental vision, to purify the earth to make a contribution.

Sustainability: 100% step by step, down to earth, sustainable.

join advantage

unique innovative technology, the integration of the essence of Guangdong and Hong Kong, copying is not easy to copy

health oriented, adhere to the use of fresh milk and raw materials

open operation, quality easy to monitor

product development, slow-moving goods can be replaced

professional training staff to achieve a unified quality

professional space layout, visual effects design, easy to identify

E escort, standardized product production process, quality and stability

standardized service terms, so that each service staff and customer interaction between the unified

hall to eat, take away, buy can be sent, operating a wide range of

science and technology management, operation can always monitor


diversification of professional equipment, the initial cost of higher product knowledge