Store location may be backed by trees

trees have grown up, people hiding in the shade of the trees can shelter, many people in their daily lives will be aware of this point. In fact, do business to the store location can also use this point. As the saying goes, "celebrity famous brand". This sentence is used in the same way to open a retail store, which is to use a number of strong brand stores to increase their popularity of retail stores. But it is best to do dislocation operation, to be far away from the same format of large shopping malls, because these stores will be discounted goods on a regular basis, the retail business will have a certain impact.

smart retail store owners in the retail store, there is a "Big Bang" awareness. As in McDonald’s, KFC and some stores around, because these famous shop shop in the choice before have done a lot of detailed market survey, the surrounding communities have very strong consumption capacity, and the flow of people is great, dislocation operation and these shops can effectively achieve advantage the purpose of complementary.

I have this feeling, my supermarket opened in the city main roads and crossroads, the original business is not very good, but I see this place will fire up, then bite the teeth down. Later, due to the transformation of the city, where the flow of people gradually up. In my shop has been stationed in the side of the McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, the two fast food giant, on the popularity of the play a great role in pulling, and now the business is much better than before.

but also some retail customers, due to the newly opened stores, both in terms of visibility or source is not too good, that is, the original capital accumulation is not enough. At the same time I lay my teeth down, there are a few peers did not survive this stage, after the opening soon, to another section of the road from the stove. I think the shop to engage in business, if you do not have a certain amount of capital and the market for the time and strength of the contest, the most direct way is to open the shop next to the well-known store.

in this way to share the popularity and popularity of the old shop at the same time, it is not difficult to operate their own. However, retail store opened around this kind of format, the rent will be much higher than the general area, because in this type of industry has formed a certain consumer groups, gathered a lot of popularity in at the same time, also driven around the rise in rent, but the rewards are considerable.

is now a lot of people are aware of the importance of a good location, but also willing to invest much effort in this respect, but do not know how to do. In fact, choose a good location is not difficult, the difficulty lies in how to use their brains, how to win, make their own business as soon as possible on the right track, win popularity. Engage in business once finalized business address of the shop, if there is no special circumstances, the possibility of general change location is very small, a good location, the development of your business growth influence. Backed by the "big tree" with the help of