Rookie talk about ways and techniques of BBS promotion

doesn’t know much about SEO. He just wants to use as many channels as possible to promote the website, so as to get more traffic. A short time before the company made a fashion website, through their own learning practice, in the Admin5 above many things, combined with my own experience to share Forum promotion methods and techniques, we hope a lot of advice.

first, define the theme of Forum promotion

you want to promote things must be and current network popular, popular events linked, so this promotion will be more effective. As a promoter, you must stand on the Internet users’ point of view, it is necessary to clear the information they need, promotion is natural. Promotion is to let more people know, understand or recognition, you need to do to ensure the flow, and the flow is from search engines, and the most popular word will bring a lot of traffic, therefore, the keywords may also affect the quality of promotion. As for what are popular words, you can refer to Baidu search list and Google hot list. Such as the recent "Typhoon Morakot donation" is more popular.

secondly, the promotion site

I think the choice of promotion sites is very important. What you promote must be consistent with this section, or it will be considered as water paste, advertising and deleted posts, or even titles. Promotion is like casting a net to catch fish. The net must spread widely and find the key, so as to scatter the fish in the densest place. Internet users often choose to go to the forum to post more effective, get more traffic. I usually love in Tianya, Baidu Post Bar, Q, jagged forum or related clothing forum and so on popular community promotion. You can install a flow count statistics on your station, first try to see what forum brings you more traffic, and then put these places to focus on promotion of the place. Then, go to the top a few times, 1 days can bring hundreds of traffic, or what is not the problem?.

followed by posting

post is also a learning, the quality of the post is directly affected by attention. Title is the first impression, must attract the eye. As for how to do this, I can see some, if not in the post title format strictly defined circumstances, can be in the title of "writing", "recommended!!," and so the words and symbols to enhance eye-catching visual impact; on the definition of the title format, can be used to join the temptation, stressed the modifiers, such as "new, classic, super cow, exclusive", there is the question, rhetorical question, exclamatory sentence. We both want to do good on the outside to be the same outside and inside.

1 how to post


you go to a new forum, do not go in, panic posted, first of all attention to this version of the District, there is no special post format, such as in front of the title plus no sign?. The same forum, each version of the post format requirements will also be >