Experience talk about the role of the forum outside the chain and its feasible way of the chain


forum has been a chain of the most easy to do, but with the continuous optimization algorithm of Baidu external chain, forum, the role of the chain has become increasingly low; plus the webmaster also began to pay attention to the export link forum, the forum outside the chain is also more and more difficult to do.

but what the blog says is that the chain outside the forum is still useful and will still play an important role in the next 3 years. You can go to domain own domain name, or look at the case I provide, "poly road travel network", you can see some clues.

 , the following key share we think can also use BBS outside chain way.

1, forum signature.

Although Baidu

Webmaster Platform in "on the chain" to judge the paper points out that a forum signature belonging to the mass increase of the low quality of the chain, but it can not be denied, because the BBS signature, the forum with the outside world have more contact, just let the weight flow, also makes the large part of the site can be generated more of the content.

at present, we have several suggestions for the signature of the Forum:

(1) must find your site highly related BBS, do signature outside the chain.

(2) try to post or reply only on highly relevant plates.

(3) signature of the anchor text to popularize, it can guarantee the coverage, but also can improve the correlation with the current page.

(4) signature can not be directly anchored outside the text chain, it is best to insert a keyword in a highly relevant words, plus links.


(5) releases content, it needs to publish something that has practical meaning.

2, forum content.

I believe that needless to say, we all know that in the forum to create content, that is, post, reply, update mood, personal space log in several ways. Among them, posting and logging is currently the most useful forum outside the chain.

is there a blog here or a few points:


(1) if the forum post, please be sure to choose the highest correlation plate, try not to go to a special Forum irrigation, commercials post release content; false original need (to ensure that title, anchor text into the one and only if it is their own nature); website reprint, please indicate the source.

(2) if the reply is, please be sure to find a just released in the post, and to ensure that the contents of signature, reply to the post are highly relevant; please try to find a good collection of the plate, if possible, please also find temporary has not been included post reply.

(3) update mood is mainly inserted pure text links and brand words, the effect is slightly worse, but if the forum itself is relatively high popularity, and you are more active, then your mood exposure