Online short rental market, a red sea wood birds short rent can go out of differentiation

love to travel more yellow with the whole family to travel to the United States, by chance in the local high price houses, affected by this bird was founded in May 2012 February 29, 2016 announced the completion of short rent, tens of millions of dollars B round of financing, a veteran investment company domestic fortune plum lead investor, venture capital and a number of investment institutions with the vote.


in the business model, the bird short rent in C2C mode as the starting point, the third party platform as a landlord and tenant landlord docking, through the certification of way to upload their own housing information, the wooden bird short rent assessment certification after the line, for tenants to choose. Muniao short rent mainly to meet the family travel, vacation, backpacker population and tourism demand, employment, education, medical, arts, travel groups, business travel and accommodation requirements.

from the first domestic online short hire platform "love day" was developed to today, the way home has many game player, pig short rent, ants short rent, short rent, wooden bird live hundreds of multiple short rental platform active in people’s sight, and Airbnb has officially entered China in August 2015.

online short rental market, a red sea, wood birds short rent can successfully go out of differentiation,


short rent mode differentiation is not obvious,

current domestic online short rental platform can be divided into two categories:

is a B2C model, that is, the main source of the platform from housing developers, professional lessors, merchants and so on, and its listings by platform managers unified management to control;

another type of short hire C2C model, the platform housing more from the community of individuals, housing types more diverse, can provide users with more differentiated accommodation experience.

in the way home network, short piggy rental as a reference object, from the business model, housing, rental mode three dimensions to make a comparison:


can be seen from the figure, the domestic online short rental business model, profit model generally copy overseas mature short rental platform HomeAway (American version of home road) and Airbnb, product strategy differentiation is not very obvious. Muniao short rent is no exception, but the business model does not give a final judgement of product development under the platform line short rent, housing rental, the ability to integrate the user experience is also essential.

localization improvement

, like any other imported business model, wants to land in the Chinese market and needs to do a lot of localization. As one of the apprentices of Airbnb, Huang Yue’s "short bird renting" attempt to do a lot of localization improvement measures, which can be summed up as follows:

Security Trust:

1. networking public security system. Follow the hotel management system, verify the identity system of the tenant and the owner, direct >