Only persistence is effective, website promotion needs patience

when today, the website can be said to be flooding, countless. In the network for so many years, to better understand the network, the bubble economy. General network company or individual studios, services to enterprises in the construction site, have what can not earn money, so I like everyone, finally also chose to do their own station, anyway, will have time to do some love, do a few, oh, but for the promotion I was a new hand, so I spend all day in the Admin5 webmaster, hard study, found that many promotion methods, all similar, some are indeed very offbeat, is very good, very powerful. OK, words do not say, the reference method, I arranged as follows:

1. Post Bar promotion: search relevant website column content Post Bar, post; find similar Post Bar, such as: Sina, QQ, and other Post Bar posts;

2. know promotion: find relevant website column content, answer questions, every day about 10 hair; find similar know, such as: Sina love ask, YAHOO know, QQ ask, etc.;


3. submitted to the site navigation station submitted to the site, such as:,,, www.djkk5com and so on, if you have time, you can search hundreds of Web site navigation, submit your website;

4. increase the chain: find counterparts, PR value is high, flow is good, often updated website, mutual link exchange, adhere to step by step;

5. search engine: landing major search engines including Baidu YAHOO Sogou search dog MSN SOSO TOM;

6. email: sending email title to attract attention, the content is simple, the HTML format is good; the QQ mailbox can group all members of a mass email, can add N QQ group, to a mass email;

7. community forum: BBS posts to high quality promotion attention, not recklessly make people misunderstand the ads; use the picture or signature, write on their website name and address; appropriate time, can use a few account to promotion; reference Forum:, bubble community, career day forum, Xicihutong, CHINAREN;

8. video promotion: the production of movies, MTV or tutorials and other video, and their own site to do pop-up effect, spread to the Internet, available for download;

9. soft propaganda: write a few article, a few papers attached to their website and other information, and through various channels through a variety of admin5  donews  techweb technology and information website publicity;

10. chat mass: take full advantage of QQ, Ali Wangwang, bubbles, MSn and other mass tools to send a large number of information;

11. download promotion: select the part of the station design into e-books, download, promotion; "